Monday, May 4, 2015

Working out w Gerogina Poh

For the past few months, I have been putting on too much weight and fats. I felt as if I'm carry a spare tyre. 

One day, I chance upon Gerogina's Instagram and I really love how she shares her training video where I can do those exercise even at home. 

Do check out her Instagram for some training tips.

As a beginner, I would want to warn the rest of readers to be extra careful when doing workout. Be sure, you know your limit and have sufficient rest.

Good things must share. Do check out more of my future posts! 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Self reflection/random

It's has been awhile since I last blogged. My last post was last September which is pretty long ago. I guess there isn't much changes during this period. All I did was work, work and more work. I know my life is boring.

Recently a ex boyfriend of mine, chat up with me on Facebook and it brought up the past messages we had. Awkward moments but we learn from our past and found it was a childish moments we had. He was telling me how sorry he was for bad attitude and etc. To me, it was the past. I learn to to let go of the past and you will be much happier. Your past might make you suffer, so why not let it go? I'm thankful to the person who made me move on and welcomed a brand new future. 

I used to agree with the sentence that you can't be friends with your ex but now ,I think back... It's not really true. If you  handle it in a more mature way, you still can be friends and have a happy ending. My colleague asks me," do you normally delete your ex boyfriend after breakup?" Back in the past, I would delete them off and but not anymore now. Wonder why? Everyone has a different views in life. Do whatever makes you comfortable. Most importantly, just be happy.

For the past months, I did many thinking/thoughts about life. I have lots of questions that I want to find an answer to it. I know the questions can be never ending. 

You should have some time alone for self reflections. Think about your life. What have you learn and what do you want in the near future? 


Wednesday, September 17, 2014


My energy is draining every single day. Battery ain't getting fully charge (not enough sleep). I'm always back to my workplace within 12hours. It's not the problem of waking up early but the problem of not having rest.

I never had such problem back when I was still flying. Waking up at 4/5-ish was never a problem. With just one alarm, I will be awake. But now, I need at least 4/5 alarms and I still can't get myself up from the bed. This is really terrible.

I hardly get to do much activities if I'm working. Because work takes up the entire day so the only I could probably do is to have supper/ or a little drink.  I know how lifeless my life is. I was just sharing with my close girlfriend that is really not my kind of life. I haven't been traveling to anywhere for the year. Other than going to Malaysia for my company Dinner&Dance event. No matter how broke or how busy I am, I would leave the country for some break. :(

Yes, I did managed to get 5days straight off from work next month for a well-deserved break. I'm looking forward and at the same time, not so looking forward to it. Not going to say why is this so. Turning 23 in just less than a month time. How much have I achieve? Not much. No car, No house, No money... HAHA! I need to get myself organized and get thing done. Not any young to slack around and enjoy much life.

Alright, thats all for now. Going to turn in for the night. CIAO!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hello Mr Lenovo

I'm so glad to be able to start blogging again, typing down every moment of life. And someday, I'm going to be reading through and laughing at all the post i typed. I got myself a advance birthday gift today and that is a new laptop. I wanted one eversince my NEC kinda of die on me. And I'm thankful for my first laptop who faithfully accompanied me through my days in MDIS and all the way till this year. 7years is pretty long. <3

Now that I have got a laptop, I don't have to use my phone or ipad to type post. :)

Life has been like a roller coaster. Things weren't going well for me for the second half of the year. I was just steps away from breaking down. I'm hurt someone who love me so much yet I didn't really know how to understand his thinkings and his actions. I don't know if you will be reading this but I wanted to tell you that I didn't want to let go of you, or even our relationship. Yeah, I did gave a little hope in you, in our relationship. But you didn't do anything. You assumed that whatever you say or even do, wont save us. Things around me reminds me of you. Whenever I mention about us, I can't bring myself to say you as my ex.When something happened at home, you're the one who I wanted to go to but I can't. I felt so helpless, all I know was to cry. Life is really sucky. Now that I had learn to walk out of my past and move on with my future, I wish you are doing well.

Family relationship is crashing as well at home. I don't know how true it is about what I heard. I don't pretty much was to care. As long as you don't hurt her or anyone of us, then so be it. You are long dead to me. I'm pretty mean to whoever is reading this but if you are aware of the situations then you might not even think I'm mean. Shall not talk about my family anymore. It hurts me more whenever I think about it.

Work has not been that for me. I wonder will I even stay long in the current job. I know in a blink it has been my 9th month with this current company. I feel pathetic at times though I'm earning quite a decent salary. I'm entitled with benefits which I can't really use it. Like say MC, I'm sick yet I still have to ask permission to be on MC even I have been issued a MC for that day. In the past, I used to take MC like as if it is free but over here, my MC is so so so rare. I fall sick quite often but I drag myself to work still. Sigh, don't know what to do. Taking MC is so hard, what's more about annual leaves.  Life's shitty!

More updates soon and counting down to my yearly bangkok affair.

Monday, February 3, 2014

The year of Horse!

It's the season of collecting red packets and eating lots of the pineapple tarts. How's new year for you? Non - Chinese must whining about shops and malls are closed.

Well, I spent my Chinese New Year at home, clearing all my sleeping debt. Normally I don't really do visiting but this year is strictly no visiting for me. Not sure if you took notice about my post but I didn't mentioned that my grandma passed away almost a year ago. It still unbelievable for me that she is no longer around though. I remembered every year we will gather to force her take a picture and all. But now that's she gone, we no longer gather together as a family.

I'm thankful that boyfriend has been accompanying throughout this days. I kept myself at home,not willing to go out because I really don't know what to do. I'm not supposed to go anyone house because Chinese has a say that it will bring bad luck to the family so well... I don't want to cause anything to anyone. 

Part of me wants work to start soon but part of me is lazy to work. Oh well... forever fickleminded! anyway, I'm just here wishing everyone HAPPY HORSE YEAR! BLESSED CHINESE NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE. ITS A TIME TO GATHER AND BOND TOGETHER!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

3 DAYS TO 2014

Hello everyone, how's your Christmas celebration? This year celebrations for me was so-so. The gifts received was meh only. I'm not those that wish for expensive present but some sincerity in getting the gift should be put in (at least). But some people just used free/unwanted stuff and wrapped it. Is like what-the-hell right?! Okay, forget about those unhappy stuff. 
My boyfriend gave me the best Christmas present, a short getaway to Batam. Don't ever blame yourself not able to give me the best because I think all this you have gave me are the best of the best already. I'm one happy girl in this world. 

So I was there in Batam for 2days 1night. Stayed in Harmoni One hotel located 5minutes away from Batam Centre Ferry Terminal and Mega Mall. There is no transport from the ferry terminal to hotel so the only way is to take a taxi. There is no way you can walk because from what I see there is no pathway at all! (FYI. The charges for taxi is fixed so don't bother trying to lower the price. From Mega Mall Taxi Stand to Hotel is 50,000RP) 

We had lunch at Black Canyon Coffee. Meal was so-so but for the sake of WIFI. Password is milkshake
First look at the picture, it gives me the very grand feeling and my expectation was so-so because I didn't dare to much hope. Afterall, it didn't disappoint me at all. I really love the hotel!
What you see from the picture is what you get.

Check-in was available after 2pm and we arrived at the hotel at about 2pm. My advise to all that are traveling to Batam. Mega Mall opens at 11am so booked the ferry ticket that arrives after 11am or else you will have to rot around the ferry terminal. 

The view of my room.

Booked my hotel through and it is cheaper than the website itself. Please take note that it may state that will not charge your credit card but the hotel will hold your money till you check-out. I wasn't informed about till I checked with my bank. 

As Harmoni One Hotel is new, you would expect everything to be in good conditions. I didn't take a picture of my toilet because boyfriend and I were urgent so we rushed to the toilet right away. Don't worry! The toilet looks damn grand as well but the bad thing is we didn't soak ourselves in the bathtub because there isn't any hot water :( As in the hot water wasn't hot but cold! Everything else is okay to me. 

They do provide free shuttle bus services to 3 Shopping Malls ( Mega Mall, Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall and Batam City Square shopping Mall) It starts from 4pm and limited seats available. We managed to book the slot to Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall but there is no seat available for the return trip. Nagoya Hill is worth going because the choices of food are much more than Mega Mall and more stuffs to look/shop around. Before the trip I googled about eating and found out Kengan Cafe. The salted egg chicken attracted me so we had dinner there.

So here's the meal for 2pax and costing about $6 per person. Very cheap! 
Wifi is available. Password: kengan123

After dinner, we walked around and shop a little gift for ourselves! No picture because the item is with boyfriend :) And since we didn't get to take the hotel shuttle bus, we took a taxi back which cost us 70,000RP (FIXED PRICE). Back to hotel, showered, watch tv and sleep!
Breakfast was a little disappointing but the service was good. After breakfast, I had a nap before we check-out. Check-out was like shit. We had to queue to check-out instead of dropping key like some hotel. They need to walkie their staffs to check on our room before they could let us go. 
 WIFI Password: americano
Booked 5.30pm ferry back to Singapore, so we had time to spare before heading to ferry terminal. We chilled at Starbuck and play arcade. The arcade there is super cheap but the conditions of the machines are sucky. 

Had a quick dinner before I rush back to Pasir Ris to attend one of my closest Secondary School's friend birthday party! I'm so glad I make it back to sing Happy birthday song for you!
 Alexandra's 21st birthday party <3

Cutest Birthday Cake I ever seen!
Thank you for inviting me to your birthday party and I'm glad to meet you. Have a blessed birthday and I hope your enjoyed yourself. Sushi loves you